Axel Bruns and Joanne Jacobs

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Saw this today.

For class we were asked to find out what we could about the others to one of the texts we are using in class. Google at first had some basic background information, and I quickly found his blog and noticed in his blog roll Joanne Jacobs was sitting there too. Bruns, Dr. Bruns, has a Phd in Media and Cultural Studies and got that from the University of Queensland, Australia, super cool. Some of his more recent work can be found on this site  which seems to include his posts from his blog.

The term Produsage has been all over in the book as we read through it for class, and yes, Dr. Bruns coined the term. It is a mix of the word Production and Usage, Dr. Bruns puts it in his own words as

“the collaborative and continuous building and extending of existing content in pursuit of further improvement”

Or in an example given later, Wikipedia.

Now Joanne Jacobs had a lovely about page on her blog where I was able to glean some information. She has a BA in English and Creative Writing and has done a lot of work in writing fields including newspapers, magazines, and books. Her blog posts seem to be centered around education and the problems of it.

I found another blog of hers and the information in her about page is more professionally based. Here she seems more focussed on the newest technology advances and practises. She has publications out there and one article I found was on women and technology how (studies based in Australia) women are under represented in new media technology fields. She has also written on Digital Democracy and Digital Activism. She has lots of articles but the ones I read through shows that she is very aware of new technology and its political effects or involvement.

For a list of her articles I found them here. Interesting stuff!


Publishing and Blogs and Blog Practices

What should I know as an aspiring writer in the world today where weblogs are becoming increasingly popular, what effect will this have on me? I read two articles in the book Uses of Blogs by Axel Bruns and Joanne Jacobs. Both the articles I read were similiar and offered some interesting information. In the article Publishing and Blogs by Joanne Jacobs we realize that the biggest enemy of writers, is time. As a college student, we are all too familiar with constant deadlines in order to get work done and torn between taking our time to turn in a piece of work or rush through it in order to get the next assignment done.

Blogs, however, help reduce the time it takes of producing a product. But Joanne also brings up the idea that although blogs are helpful in reducing the timeframe for a finished product the fact that alot of crap also gets posted out there and therefore credibility is taken away from some of the finer professional works found in weblogs between the masses of rants and diaries. It’s faster to post on weblogs since publishing houses need to put limitations on works in order for financial reasons which makes sense. Weblogs are far easier to get creative works out there even if they aren’t up to any standards as publishing houses would have to have. This doesn’t mean that weblogs dont have their benefits in publishing such as with professional blogs that are maintained and kept up in quality.

But as seen in Blog Practices some professional blogs can be used to help publications further along the process as well as advertise. A closed blog can be used for those included to develop content among authors, reviewers, and editors. This lets everyone involved mor easily comment, work on, and observe the process of publishing a creative work. Also a more popular form of uses of blogs is to use them as a marketing tool to advertise readership for negative or positive feedback. Proven that online discussions and advertising helps promote sales for the original paperbacks.

Blogs can have an important role in publishing, just because it’s online doesn’t mean it cant be a vital tool in helping promote or generate ideas for a paperback in the process.

Week 1 Reflection

For the weeks requirements I feel that I could have done better, but got a good handle on things. All of this is completely new to me and to the best of my knowledge I think I’m doing a good job keeping up with everything. Id give myself an B+ for the week since I missed a day of being on here and posting and havent figured out how to do pictures yet completely but I am going to attempt to do one with this post…I’m sure it is easy once I teach myself how to do pictures but we’ll see how it looks. In the boot camp rules I feel are hard to find every thing to do on, like I need to read carefully every sentence and I know from the beginning that I misread a word before but found my mistake and fixed it the following day by creating an About page and not a post. The only thing I could change for myself is that I need to always highlight specific directions on the hard copy since I skim read too much.

The biggest struggle was…well…nothing was significantly harder than the rest, perhaps just getting started with everything from nothing was the biggest challenge. But by putting time into learning and pushing through with the help of the manual got me through any resistance. I really liked learning about the Ten Rules. It was interesting to investigate who the real author was and where the rules came from, everyone has their own opinions and it was fun reading through what some of my classmates had to say on that assignment.

I’m learning a lot in this class! I enjoy blogging and I love having a reason to write everyday. As a writer, sometimes I need these deadlines and expectations in order to keep on with the practise of writing whatever form it might be. I have felt inspired to write more because of this class and that is something of value I am taking from this class. ALso learning about CC and IP and copyright was good information to be aware about.

PS: I set a featured image of a frog for fun and to see if that works 🙂

CC and IP

Which stands for Creative Commons and Intellectual Property—as of right now I know nothing of this, but the handy dandy WordPress Manual  and Google will help me out.

What the mannual says on CC and IP: Couldn’t figure out what chapter so decided to do Google first

Google on CC and IP:

Aparently CC is based off of copyright but mostly more flexible for sharing purposes but since that was off of Wikipedia I had to check some more resources out. CC is a liscense where you can decided how others can share your work. This to me seems like a helpful tool. You are able to produce work online but get credit for it in the way you deserve, but still get your name out there in different ways whatever they may be.

IP according to Wikipedia, are rights recognized by a person over their creative/artistic works. However, it seems that IP protects the original ideas, it is still best to use copyright and patents to fully protect oneself.


Copyright deals with tangible products, IP can protect ideas, but a copyright would protect the product and can be enforced by the law. This allows the original author so to speak to benefit fincially from the work and allows others to copy only under their strict permission.


Questions and Small Triumphs

What have I learned recently? The RSS video would have been helpful had I not tried to set up a google reader account on my own before hand…woops. I didn’t know RSS were out there until this class and I can see how much easier it is to use one of those then to waste time going to different websites.

I also set up some categories. I had no idea what ones I would eventually use, so I set up some pretty basic ones with the knowledge that I will have to change them later as needed.

Today’s plan is to figure out what Tags are and how they work, then to double-check Bootcamp week 1 to find out if I did everything and to make sure I didn’t misread things like I did at first. As an example we were suppose to add an “about” Page and not an “about me” post. Which I figured out how to do last night with the trusty old WordPress The Missing Manual by Matthew MacDonald. So I changed the name of my first post to “Getting Started” as an intro to myself and what I know about this online world.



Need to figure out copyright and what we discussed in class, and then more onto Bootcamp week 2

I think I will also creep on my other classmates, I wonder what they are posting about and what their blogs look like compared to mine?

I want to post pictures, but again, would want to know more about copyright so no one steals my pictures.

Last bullet in Bootcamp week 1, by posting does that mean posting daily on our blogs? That is how I read it but do posting comments/tweets count? Or do we post daily on everything?

Do my links make sense? Should I have more/less

10 rules for students

Who is the author? That seems to be the main question out there as I investigate further into this list of rules, was it John Cage or Sister Corita Kent? The rules were made popular by Cage and even published in one of his books, but there are rumors that Kent was the original author. Most sources site both as authors and don’t get into the back story, but this is what I found out about these two crazy kids.

Apparently Kent was the original. She worked on the project first, and then Cage liking the list, used it as his own. There is one question about the tenth rule, it is quoted as being from John Cage. That is why the mistake is made of it’s author being just Cage and the credit doesn’t go to Kent.

My favorite rule is number 8:
“Don’t try to create and analyze at the same time. They are different processes.”
As a writer, our internal editorial voice tends to keep us from writing something daring in fear of it’s rawness or difference from what we are used to, but true creativity excels without fear of failure. Create then analyze, a great tool for writers.

Getting Started

First of all, I am new to wordpress and twitter, I’m more of a lets go live life type of person over technological electronical the lets text all day type. My experience with electronic media/writing/w.e. started with MSN messenger, moved on to myspace, then landed content at Facebook which I’m on every so often. As college life demands it, I’m trying to open my perspectives and figure all this stuff out, will be a challenge. I have some minor experience blogging for a different class and now I am hoping to get more into the know how of wordpress since thats what the cool kids are doing.

So I wonder, am I the only one new to this?

I have successfully started a twitter, and this blog. I’m working on figuring out a google reader account and to make an awesome gravatar–whatever that thing is I feel like it’s important to have an awesome one.