Getting Started

First of all, I am new to wordpress and twitter, I’m more of a lets go live life type of person over technological electronical the lets text all day type. My experience with electronic media/writing/w.e. started with MSN messenger, moved on to myspace, then landed content at Facebook which I’m on every so often. As college life demands it, I’m trying to open my perspectives and figure all this stuff out, will be a challenge. I have some minor experience blogging for a different class and now I am hoping to get more into the know how of wordpress since thats what the cool kids are doing.

So I wonder, am I the only one new to this?

I have successfully started a twitter, and this blog. I’m working on figuring out a google reader account and to make an awesome gravatar–whatever that thing is I feel like it’s important to have an awesome one.


One thought on “Getting Started

  1. […] biggest struggle was…well…nothing was significantly harder than the rest, perhaps just getting started with everything from nothing was the biggest challenge. But by putting time into learning and […]

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