10 rules for students

Who is the author? That seems to be the main question out there as I investigate further into this list of rules, was it John Cage or Sister Corita Kent? The rules were made popular by Cage and even published in one of his books, but there are rumors that Kent was the original author. Most sources site both as authors and don’t get into the back story, but this is what I found out about these two crazy kids.

Apparently Kent was the original. She worked on the project first, and then Cage liking the list, used it as his own. There is one question about the tenth rule, it is quoted as being from John Cage. That is why the mistake is made of it’s author being just Cage and the credit doesn’t go to Kent.

My favorite rule is number 8:
“Don’t try to create and analyze at the same time. They are different processes.”
As a writer, our internal editorial voice tends to keep us from writing something daring in fear of it’s rawness or difference from what we are used to, but true creativity excels without fear of failure. Create then analyze, a great tool for writers.


4 thoughts on “10 rules for students

  1. […] did create these rules, maybe Cora did, but what is known is that John established Rule #10, like Sarah found before […]

  2. josiahjcox says:

    That’s how I read it too, as Cage having the last rule and Kent establishing the rest of the list.

  3. […] with the help of the manual got me through any resistance. I really liked learning about the Ten Rules. It was interesting to investigate who the real author was and where the rules came from, everyone […]

  4. mcmorgan says:

    > Create then analyze, a great tool for writers.
    It’s a good suggestion for *any* work. What I like is that the rule also tells you to analyze. It’s not “create, then leave it.”

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