CC and IP

Which stands for Creative Commons and Intellectual Property—as of right now I know nothing of this, but the handy dandy WordPress Manual  and Google will help me out.

What the mannual says on CC and IP: Couldn’t figure out what chapter so decided to do Google first

Google on CC and IP:

Aparently CC is based off of copyright but mostly more flexible for sharing purposes but since that was off of Wikipedia I had to check some more resources out. CC is a liscense where you can decided how others can share your work. This to me seems like a helpful tool. You are able to produce work online but get credit for it in the way you deserve, but still get your name out there in different ways whatever they may be.

IP according to Wikipedia, are rights recognized by a person over their creative/artistic works. However, it seems that IP protects the original ideas, it is still best to use copyright and patents to fully protect oneself.


Copyright deals with tangible products, IP can protect ideas, but a copyright would protect the product and can be enforced by the law. This allows the original author so to speak to benefit fincially from the work and allows others to copy only under their strict permission.



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