Week 1 Reflection

For the weeks requirements I feel that I could have done better, but got a good handle on things. All of this is completely new to me and to the best of my knowledge I think I’m doing a good job keeping up with everything. Id give myself an B+ for the week since I missed a day of being on here and posting and havent figured out how to do pictures yet completely but I am going to attempt to do one with this post…I’m sure it is easy once I teach myself how to do pictures but we’ll see how it looks. In the boot camp rules I feel are hard to find every thing to do on, like I need to read carefully every sentence and I know from the beginning that I misread a word before but found my mistake and fixed it the following day by creating an About page and not a post. The only thing I could change for myself is that I need to always highlight specific directions on the hard copy since I skim read too much.

The biggest struggle was…well…nothing was significantly harder than the rest, perhaps just getting started with everything from nothing was the biggest challenge. But by putting time into learning and pushing through with the help of the manual got me through any resistance. I really liked learning about the Ten Rules. It was interesting to investigate who the real author was and where the rules came from, everyone has their own opinions and it was fun reading through what some of my classmates had to say on that assignment.

I’m learning a lot in this class! I enjoy blogging and I love having a reason to write everyday. As a writer, sometimes I need these deadlines and expectations in order to keep on with the practise of writing whatever form it might be. I have felt inspired to write more because of this class and that is something of value I am taking from this class. ALso learning about CC and IP and copyright was good information to be aware about.

PS: I set a featured image of a frog for fun and to see if that works 🙂


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