Publishing and Blogs and Blog Practices

What should I know as an aspiring writer in the world today where weblogs are becoming increasingly popular, what effect will this have on me? I read two articles in the book Uses of Blogs by Axel Bruns and Joanne Jacobs. Both the articles I read were similiar and offered some interesting information. In the article Publishing and Blogs by Joanne Jacobs we realize that the biggest enemy of writers, is time. As a college student, we are all too familiar with constant deadlines in order to get work done and torn between taking our time to turn in a piece of work or rush through it in order to get the next assignment done.

Blogs, however, help reduce the time it takes of producing a product. But Joanne also brings up the idea that although blogs are helpful in reducing the timeframe for a finished product the fact that alot of crap also gets posted out there and therefore credibility is taken away from some of the finer professional works found in weblogs between the masses of rants and diaries. It’s faster to post on weblogs since publishing houses need to put limitations on works in order for financial reasons which makes sense. Weblogs are far easier to get creative works out there even if they aren’t up to any standards as publishing houses would have to have. This doesn’t mean that weblogs dont have their benefits in publishing such as with professional blogs that are maintained and kept up in quality.

But as seen in Blog Practices some professional blogs can be used to help publications further along the process as well as advertise. A closed blog can be used for those included to develop content among authors, reviewers, and editors. This lets everyone involved mor easily comment, work on, and observe the process of publishing a creative work. Also a more popular form of uses of blogs is to use them as a marketing tool to advertise readership for negative or positive feedback. Proven that online discussions and advertising helps promote sales for the original paperbacks.

Blogs can have an important role in publishing, just because it’s online doesn’t mean it cant be a vital tool in helping promote or generate ideas for a paperback in the process.


One thought on “Publishing and Blogs and Blog Practices

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