Insights on Images

For the internship class here at BSU for their online magazine Cre8 I’ve been on the artist team. I’ve been learning alot about photography and how to use an SLR camera for the class on my own mostly but also because I’m in the mass communications digital photography class. A new website I stumbled upon is this website lets me upload pics and edit them in funky ways. This is perfect for the magazine because we’ve been trying to go for a certain unique look, one that isn’t childish or cute, but more abstract and adult. I feel like I descibed that poorly but you get the idea. Heres an example of what you can do with that website.


BeFunky Photo

The original picture is a good picture however with a few clicks from that easy to use website I came up with the funky photo. The first is bordering on the ordinary and could be used but the second picture actually has that ‘something more’ to it that makes it catch the eye, it’s a more interesting picture. The funky photo would be more appropriate to use for a piece on the magazine. However, since I added it on here, I likely wont be using it for class.

All of this was more of an experiement. Since I’m new to posting on blogs I needed practise working with images. This was a good learning experience because the first time around the pictures didn’t line up at all and somehow were out of place. By doing this exercise, posting about something I’m involved in and love doing I have been able to learn a little bit more about the world of wordpress.

It took several tries but I finally got it aligned the right way!


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