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As we read though Uses of Blogs by Axel Bruns and Joanne Jacobs we are struck by the fact that blogs are taking over journalism. What roles have blogs played? While researching Joanne Jacobs I found that blogs have played a huge impact on politics and you can see how new media in Australia is affecting politics by reading through some of her articles as I’ve described in a previous post. I’ve also googled Blogs vs. Journalism and found that argument now has been considered null. Why? Because journalists now blog as well, magazines now have blogs, and apparently, that newspapers vs blogs are all now under the same term as being new media. The two genres have now merged into one in so many ways that there just doesn’t been to be a debate. They have absorbed each others strengths and so have come out stronger. The lines have blurred and disappeared.



There was only weaknesses in the old ways, but together a higher range of audience can be reached. In the book we read how few readers will follow a blog every day but rather are being drawn in by other means/interests. A person online has a goal as they roam the internet and so will find topics that relate to themselves. journalists will always be on the scenes as world events unfold, bloggers it depends on luck and requiring them to blog about what happened in their life. Bloggers will always let their information go freely, where as journalist withhold their information in order to be the exclusive cuts. The idea of “Gatewatching” given by Axel is that journalists must now guide information instead of keeping it to themselves. How this affects the community is that no longer can journalists dictate publics opinion they shape through media, the public can now read blogs from all sorts of sources and take their own conclusions. No longer are we exposed to filtered material but rather can see the masses of products published online and choose which are good or creditably for ourselves. Our perspectives are now given a giant increase in views and we can sort through which ones we feel are trustworthy or agree with our views as well. Most places I’ve encountered on the internet agree that journalism needs blogs.

forkOn a side note, anyone else feel they were reading a blog as they read through these first chapters? Every paragraph seemed to have a different source. I now understand why professors ask for a specific number of quotations in our papers. It’s hard to read sources on paper where on blog posts its easier since the source is embedded in the text.


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