A Dystopia Review

Check out my Prezi here on a dystopia where blogging takes over lives.

boyblogeditThere are benefits to social networks, and technology, but I wanted to open up and explore it as a world on the verge of dystopia. I made the prezi presentation, my first, on a journey to see how a world of journalist bloggers would fare if it all went away. In short, my prezi speaks on the issue of if all communication came through online sources how would people like that interact face-to-face if the internet all went away? I touched on the topic that on social networks most people try to harness comments by bragging, complaining, or touching on intelectual conversation but really their intent is ‘my opinion is better than yours, go ahead and try to dicuss it, I’ll just make fun of you.’ Because it doesn’t matter if you hurt feelings when your miles away. I think that if these people tried to communicate face-to-face in the same mannor, there would be serious problems. As I googled the topic, I didn’t realize how there was a mental health decline related to social media and our youth today. It seems that the youth are becoming obsessed with the image of themselves and instant gratification.

This study was based off of 2011 I believe but there was also a 2012 update anyways:

The Cisco Study states that one in three college students and young professionals consider the Internet to be as important as fundamental human resources such as air, water, food and shelter

Throughout college I couldn’t have gotten to where I am now without the internet as a healthy tool, but as important to life as food and shelter? I suppose if internet helped me throughout college that will enable me to have a  potential career but I do not classify it as important to sustaining life in general.girldark

Facebook seemed to be the biggest culprit but I also found out there was a term related to those addicted to blogging. When looking up blogging addiction, I found more posts defending their right to blog everyday and that it wasn’t a problem verses those who thought it could be unhealthy to spend so much time online. Also, they bashed the studies as being biased or discreditable because they could have done it better. Because I care about feelings, I wont link to them it’s easy enough to google ‘blogging addictions’ and find those posts easy on there. When I go on twitter, all I see is updates on meaningless moments in life such as what they ate or something humorless. I like that we are using Twitter in a professional manner for our educational purposes.


3 thoughts on “A Dystopia Review

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  2. dbierbrauer says:

    Valid point. Why do you think people post about all these useless things?

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