Week In Review

sketchy1What have I done?

We started this week with reading through the first few chapters of the Uses of Blogs and then posting about them as sujested. I learned alot. What interested me the most was on publishing and blogs and how they now interconnect on various levels. As a young writer, I think it’s important to know what is out there and how to aggregate sources to use in the future on these topics. It’s good to know that alot of time and resources could be saved knowing how to use weblogs as a tool through publications.

Also looked up the authors of our textbook. After finding some of the articles Joanne Jacobs wrote I was able to use them as links for the next posts I made in my Blogs and Journalism post.

I also looked into blogs and journalism. This inspired me to make a fictional short story on a prezi about a blogging world of journalist but we’ll get to that later. Blogs and journalism have now combined into a new media. They have absorbed eachothers strengths and become united into one stronger media. This helps reach out to a wider range of audiance that weren’t reachable before.

I decided to write my short story using a Prezi presentation because I had never done one before and wanted to learn what they were all about. Akeyboard2lthough I realized it would have been easier to just post a short story, I also learned how to use Prezi and what they are all about and could see how helpful it would be for future asignments and tasks later in life. After writing the story I posted on my blog about the thoughts I had from that asignment and other resources I could also find on the web.

I also took a day to devote to learning how to use images and wrote a post about my findings and a new website to edit photos here. And ever since that post I’ve been using images ever since.


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