More Notes on Chapter 9

circleeditSocial interaction is important for education. In our class we are given the opporutnites to communicate with each other through twitter, commenting on each others blogs, commenting on the Daybook blog, and of course when we meet face-to-face on wednesdays. Other ways online classes try to motivated students largly depends on social interactions which can be read about in more detail on this blog.

It has also been shown that social interactions, such as those kids involved in extra curricluar activities like sports, usually have better grades in school along with better health and all around well being. Even though our class majority is done online, we are still able to share ideas and provide commentary by following each others blogs and interacting with them when possible.keyboard2

Learning is a social process, we must be stimulated by anothers ideas to generate our own ideas to come up with new knowledge and insights. In an educational environment we all play different roles, mentors, students, teachers, peers, we have all worn those masks at one time and gained knowledge that was once hidden.


2 thoughts on “More Notes on Chapter 9

  1. […] Then to go a step further, I looked those same theories and ideas up on Google to see what other sources had to say about some of the same ideas, that post is here. […]

  2. mcmorgan says:

    You found a couple of really good sources here, like The Educational Effects of Social Interaction, and the post from Peter Bryant. Nice find. Useful.

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