The Yays and Nays of Blogging

What’s good about it?

(Most ideas are drawn upon by the text Uses of Blogs by Axel Bruns)

  1. Makes Collaborative Work Easier:By using Blogs if there is a piece of writing with muliple authors, they can easily share information faster and efficiently through the use of blogs vs. snail mail, email, telephone, instant messaging….In the world of blogs your work is saved for the others to see and reach easily and effectively.
  2. Genre Orientated:A blog can produce works on a specific topic and share it with the world a whole lot faster than paperbacks. A experitse level of subject matter can be aggreggated all in one spot, with multiple sources linked out into the internet world as well. Information can be found fast by looking it up on professional blogs instead of going through a library and skimming through books.
  3. UP TO DATE:As new information is available it can be immedately shared with the public. Once a book is published, it is already out of date since the time it takes to publish a book new media has likely evolved into something else.
  4. First Hand Accounts:When it comes to news blogging, the first hand accounts can give a wider range of perspectives than a journalist who is documenting cases. Blog posts of first hand accounts can show perspectives that you might not have thought before or realized different circumstances were going on.
  5. Education:When used correctly, a class can use it as a means of creating and storing their asignments and findings for everyone to see, such as what we do in our class. We post our asignments and can then learn from each other.
  6. They aren’t Bulletin Boards:Where the bulletin board discussions fail, blog posts take up the slack. They can be followed in RSS feeds so if there is an update a person with a Google Reader can find it faster and read through the new posts. They provide a means to show personality and convey that it is truely a person on the other side, not just a pile of text.
  7. Communication:Because we are able to comment, we are able to comminucate with the authors of a blog where as in other articles, that is not such a simple matter. Instead of hoping someone has read an article in the newspaper, you can comment on a post and have a discussion with someone who has also read the post. It brings like-minded individuals together in order to share and access each others opinions, ideas, and knowledge, as well as hear from the author for clarity if needed which would be rare to see anywhere else.
  8. Passions:Weblogs work well when there is an intellectual passion about a certain topic. They become more entertaining to read, but also gains the ins and outs of a subject material that could be easily overlooked without propper attention to details.
  9. Economic Issues:
    Apparently there are lots of economic genre related blogs that fight for attention in the mainstream media. This shows that blogs can make a difference by bringing economic issues to light to the general public. Blogs can make a difference in our world by giving their opinions and analysis on econimic issues as they are reported.
  10. Mistakes:
    When mistakes are made in paperbacks, well, they are there forever. THe book isn’t creditable, a new book will be published, the old tossed aside as waste. Weblogs, however, are on the internet so there is no paper waste. But mor importantly, if there is a mistake. It can be fixed. Weblogs give the author an option to edit their material as new facts are presented. 🙂

The Nays of Weblogs…..

  1. False Facts:When it comes to facts, since anyone can have a blog, the facts might not be true. So in order to believe a post, the details need to be double checked for consitancy. It is not a professionaly published work, the facts could be misrepresented, skewed, or cherry picked in order to back an opinion that doesn’t have any real ground basis.
  2. Anyone Can:Since anyone can have a blog, you need to be aware that some are not going to be as accurate as others. Like Wikipedia, anyone can edit a page, anyone can have a Weblog. This can give weblogs a bad name although there are professional weblogs out there, rare gems in mountains of crap.
  3. Rants/Diaries/Opinions:Although interesting or entertaining to read, those weblogs aren’t for professional and education use. I’m sure some ideas can be generated, but for creditablity, we would need more facts and research base asignments vs. personal thoughts over a certain topic.
  4. Not much Mulah:Unless you have a substancial following and advertisements pay to use space on the weblog, pretty much wont get paid for any ideas generated and displayed on the blog that a published text would pay the author for their ideas.
  5. Distance:Because of the physical distance given on the web, an author can blatantly bash ideas with no regards to anothers feelings. This wouldn’t be allowed in a face-to-face discussion
  6. DistractionsWhen online doing asignments you open yourself up to distractions with other social medias. Hard to concentrate when you first need to browse for favorite music, check up on your Facebook pals, let everyone know your writing a new post for your followers on Twitter…Before you know it an hour has passed and nothings been done. Reading a textbook for school on the couch with the TV on mute is a lot less distracting then when a friend calls on skype. You cant easily disconnect yourself once you are available online.
  7. Who Are They?An author can project themselves with any persona they wish, but that might not be who they really are as a person. Just because they pretend to be a doctor, doesn’t mean they actually do have that education background and can give factual advice on medical topics, now thats a scary thought.
  8. Time:Sometimes they are time consuming. Such as one can get lost in reading anothers blog, their links, the articles they link to….Or writing your own blog can take up time finding the links to link to and reading those articles that help promote your post credentials. Blogging can be addicting.
  9. Tangents:When a class is given an asignment and alot of room for creativity, students might fly off on tangents that aren’t the specific goal that was intended. Although this generates new ideas and perspectives, it can be distracting.
  10. SavingSeveral times while writing a new post I have wanted to find a link or picture to go with my text, and instead of opening up a new tab….wooops…..went off into google without saving my work. That is extremely frustrating. ALl that work, just gone. There is an auto save, which has helped me out on two or three of those occasions but seriously is annoying none the less.

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