Week 4 In Review

AI feel like I completed the weeks assignments. I believe I did everything that was asked of me this week, lets see where to begin.

This is what I did:

On monday we were suppose to go around and comment on each others digital artifacts which I went through and commented on those that I found interesting and explained why they worked, one can be found on Malm’s post here and another on Adam’s post here to name a few.

We were to read chapters 9 and 10, and then post on what we found in the reading. I did an in-depth look at chapter 9. I read through it once, underlined key notes and wrote remarks in the columns then made a closer look at my remarks and why they struck a chord. That post can be seen here.

Then to go a step further, I looked those same theories and ideas up on Google to see what other sources had to say about some of the same ideas, that post is here.

Those two posts were the requirement to have done by Wednesday class time and both were done on Tuesday I believe.

Then in class Wednesday we were to tweet about a post we found interesting in particular and tag it on Twitter which you can find what I tweeted here.

We were also asked to list the good and bad aspects of weblogs. It looks like we were suppose to do this in groups maybe? I just did it on my own in a post here.

Then for the rest of the week we were to do another long post about something we found during our activities. Since I went into detail on chapter 9, I was interested in John and Paulo’s views on education and how they shaped or tried to shape todays educational system through their philosophy, that lengthy (my longest I believe) post can be found here.


What gave me trouble? Taking the time to do it. Which isn’t anyones fault but my own self discipline. I began this stuff as a newbie, and I’m finally catching on and learning how weblogs work. I feel like I’m still developing a flow, I don’t have much a set rhythm yet every time I get on here it’s a struggle to decide how I want to organize the material. Most of the time I feel like it’s all jumbled together, but, we were told this doesn’t have to be a pretty published piece, it can be a rough draft of ideas which isn’t something I’m used to doing or getting away with but it’s all part of the learning expierence.


One thought on “Week 4 In Review

  1. mcmorgan says:

    > What gave me trouble? Taking the time to do it.
    It does take time, but the return is really valuable. You’re always opening another path into the subject in your posts and links. Thanks –

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