5 Week Review

For the uses of blogs part three we were suppose to read through chapters 11-14 and then respond with at least two posts. My first post is here, and my second post is here.

The first was on what the book had to say about scholarly blogs and then the second was what others had to say on the internet about scholarly blogs. It was most interesting to see how commentary on those blogs furthered a topic and displayed both positive and negatives on scholarly blogs.Tulips

This got me thinking and so I made a Prezi on incorporation of blogs perhaps on D2L or instead of. As I furthered the topic of scholarly blogs in schools I kept coming across the theme that by introducing and using new technologies students will remain on top of the educational sphere. That is what led me into interviewing a 7th grader on the topic of technology in the classroom.

Looking back I might have gone in a different direction than perhaps was suggested in class that we focus on the uses of blogs and I went into a school related topic. I feel like I learned a lot and already seeing changes in technology than when I was there over eight years ago. If I could do this differently, I would also interview a student who went to the highschool to see if they were more advanced.


2 thoughts on “5 Week Review

  1. jackrtuthill says:

    The Prezi features some great points. No one likes D2L, but we live with it I suppose. Half of my professors refuse to use the thing, and rightfully so. I also enjoyed the 7th grade interview as well. It’s amazing how much a middle schooler thinks they know. I thought I was all-world and invincible. I was wrong I think.

  2. […] of course, with three comments on my classmates projects from the previous week. I commented on Sarah’s Prezi, Matt’s group project, and Jordon’s research on […]

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