Fiction Blogs


Fiction Blogs

I have not read any fictional blogs before, actually, didn’t even know they existed until reading this chapter in our text. For a basic definition, a fictional blog is one that is of any narrative form written and publishedpapersedit.jpg through a blog. This genre of writing has become popular mostly among adolescents or emerging writers. It’s a place to be encouraged and appreciated while finding your voice, experimenting with different styles, define skills, and most importantly get immediate feedback from an audience.

A Writer’s Perspective

I can see how this would be a good way to develop yourself as a writer, this is something that I might look more into this summer once I graduate in May. Examples of something I would like to base myself off of is how authors will publish a chapter or part of story on a regular basis. This would be a great way to keep yourself accountable by making yourself write every day. A blog is an easy form of publication and can get a writer started on an idea for a novel by having instant feedback and critiques, hopefully from those that know a thing or two about writing, a story can be fine tuned and polished ready for a submission to a publishing house.

lectureedit.jpgAn Active audience

Also, they dynamic of writing online changes. Instead of writing with an audience in mind, you can write directly to an audience and they will respond to it. I can see how this would be hard, in a way, to turn off an ‘editorial’ voice–meaning that by writing directly to an audience you will shape your writing to fit that niche’. Instead of writing what you really want to write in fears that it might be too raw or experimental you might crush budding ideas that just need more work before an audience judges its value. Which is all something we learn in our workshop classes.

Creative Uses

I like the example given in the book of how one person with their creative fictional blog, actually has fictional characters leave comments to help shape the story on another narrative level. As well as using links, images, video…to further the playful storyline. Fan Fiction is such a strange idea to me, but I can see how it would be popular. One point I liked was how they bloggers are incorporating themselves into the fictional worlds that other authors originally made up. They are active responders to a fictional world of their own version.


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