Last Chapter

What’s next for blogging?

Blogging can stretch from personal expression to commercial and political uses. The uses are so widespread it’s impossible to make any general claims much like books as Bruns points out. The only way to predict the future is by looking at the historical uses of blogs, the present uses, and then possible guesses can only be made.

pencilThe main attraction to weblogs is for self-publishing purposes without an editor or other gatekeeper in the way to hinder the process. This seems to be the key element into projecting an idea for the future uses. Another key feature blogs use that are unique is the ability to link to other sources, immediate feedback through comments, and user led production.  Anyone is able to use blogs as a place for experimentation so the options are endless in which direction they may end up going in the future.

Another aspect to keep in mind is the fact that as new blogging genres emerge, blogs will transform in order to incorporate aspects the new genres may need. Such as there isn’t much for video or photography blogs, but as they gain an audiance there may be new gallery or voice options easy to incorporate into posts on those genre specific blogs. That is why as Bruns points out, that the evolution of blogs highly depends on emerging genres rather than on technologies.

It directly depends on the people who blog now, and also how main stream media projects blogs for the popular culture. There is a need for individual bloggers to make themselves heard and show their value found in the posts.


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