Week in Review


In class we were first suppose to tour each others artifacts and comment on those we found compelling or interesting, then read the last few chapters of the book. Usually I do two posts on one chapter. The first post is usually my own notes and thoughts on the reading, and the second post usually linked to outside sources and other research I find. This time I decided to write the two posts on two different chapters. I wasn’t able to go deep into either one, but was able to go into two topics and learn a fair amount on each.

My first post was on fiction blogs chapter 18 found here.

My second post on the next step for blogs chapter 22 found here.

Then my digital artifact on the future of blogs is found here.


I feel like I was able to learn a lot more from the reading by posting on two different chapters, however, I feel that my posts weren’t as in-depth writermanas previous posts when I did two on a single chapter. I like being able to explore my thoughts first then find outside resources. By working in that pattern I avoid taking on another’s opinion right away and let it shape my own. I like to write out my thoughts then see what is out there to help broaden my perspective–not to adopt another’s ideas if that makes sense. Nevertheless, I feel like I completed the weeks assignments well and on time. As a whole my work fits into the class by showing how fictional blogs are a use of blogs that can grow in the future through creative and professional uses.


One thought on “Week in Review

  1. mcmorgan says:

    > I feel that my posts weren’t as in-depth as previous posts when I did two on a single chapter.

    I’m with you. By all means, dig into one chapter in two posts when the readings and your interests drive it.

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