The 4 Roundup Links

Jordon Malms post on the future of blogging first sumarizes the last chapter in the book and Brun’s take on the future of blogging. I like how Malms linked to outside resources and at the end notes the dates on the blog posts he finds. That is also something I noticed during my research on the topic, half the posts I read were dated several years ago. Good point to bring attention to.

This post by Jake Ford focused on different paths blogs could go in the future. With work in live chat, live blogging, notebook blogs, and social media, it could transform into something new and better to use. He lays out the the gaps that other medias falter in and how blogs could pick up thelasso slack.

This post by Joe S. was able to connect the past with the present to make guesses at where blogging could go in the future. Lots of links to outside resources shows the amount of research put into this post. I like how Joe connects the future of blogs with technology and it depends on where technology goes to see how it shapes the uses of blogs. Along with humorous gifs that keep the reader reading.

Devan’s post does a good job at using images to create a timeline. She uses the humorous pictures to grab attention but also shows the amount of research she put into the topic by looking closely at the content. It is a creative use of blogging, connects what you can do with paper for purposes online.


One thought on “The 4 Roundup Links

  1. […] started off with round-up links where we looked at our classmates work and linked to four we found interesting. This made me look […]

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