Week Review

We started off with round-up links where we looked at our classmates work and linked to four we found interesting. This made me look at classmates work with a more educated eye instead of one of interest. I guess what I’m saying is that before when looking at each others work I looked at what I could learn from, organize ideas off of, found humor in, and instead looked at work with the question in mind “how does this work well” in order to write a few sentences next to the link I really had to look at the posts in a different light which I learned from.

I made two passes at the Wiki project. One on the neutral point of view, and another on the philosophy of Wikis.

fall hunting volcalmative fishing 321

Climbing the next mountain.

By writing about the neutral point of view first I think I set myself up well in knowing how to write effectively on a Wiki. I gave myself room to practise writing in the way that this genre is called for. I was also able to look at Wikipedia and their policy on writing as neutral as possible. It is a lot different from writing on weblogs when you can give your opinions freely.

I found that while writing notes on the philosophy of Wikis, or limits there of, I would write a statement then go back, delete what I wrote, in order to write a

more neutral statement. I got rid of a few strong words such as strictly and always, in choice of words that are more loose going off of that “apples taste goods” isn’t as good as saying “some people like apples” rule for writing neutrally.

While writing the philosophy of Wiki’s notes I was able to see how the system has its limits. By writing about those issues I am able to foresee problems that might happen and can better guard myself against them. It is good to know what resistance you may encounter in order to do a job right in the first pass.



At first I didn’t see much traffic on the Wiki, but today I noticed alot more contributions from classmates. Interesting to see how others tackled the assignments and did their posts to the Wiki.

All in all, this was an interesting switch. I hope that I did everything right–but like the weblogs, it is a learn as you go experience. I find myself wanting to put images in my Wiki posts like I do with my blog posts. I think I will add that question to the tearoom and see what the response is for future uses.


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