For my proposal I originally started with a few goals not knowing how my project would progress. I wanted to write 5-6 post per week. I ended the project with a total of 36 posts only on my fiction blog which generated 101 total comments this far. I also wrote 5 weekly reviews with a total of 41 posts. This means I averaged 8 posts a week during the five-week period. I met and well exceeded that first goal from my proposal.

My second goal was the type and length of the posts. I originally set out to have lengthy fiction posts and to have shorter research and review posts. I noticed that lengthy fiction posts weren’t that popular in the blogging world and the shorter posts generated more traffic. So I came up with a solution, often times I would break one long posts up into three shorter posts such as with these three posts here. 1/3 Ezrick 2/3 Ezrick 3/3 Ezrick. Which gathered in this order, 6, 12, and 8 likes on the posts and together were 1850 words. The research posts were all shorter in length around 600 words as this fiction blogging one was.

I started out with the idea that I wanted to write a collage of stories instead of chronological. Instead I ended up writing chronological but switching to new characters every week and write from their perspective. It is just easier for me to write chronological and that is where the story took me. The collage style I think would have been better to use to draw in new readers, but after ending up with 49 followers I think chronological is fine. The followers know the story and will see my new posts in their reader so they can follow it easily.

My research/review posts seem to generate more feedback. Such as this one on comments and likes.

What went the best was that I surprised myself with self-discipline. I was able to post frequently if not daily on my fiction blog. I wasn’t always able to produce lengthy posts, but the quality and responses I got (through the form of likes) really encouraged me that what I was writing/doing was working. I was able to come up with images that helped illustrate my stories although sometimes it took longer to find a fitting photo then to write the piece. Actually I think it took about the same amount of time to find a picture as it was to write the posts in most cases.

The weekly reviews were helpful for my writing process. I learned something new each time.

  1. Week One getting started and learning about the blogging process
  2. Week Two progression of story learning how to entice followers
  3. Week Three editing the site making it more user-friendly
  4. Week Four the studio tours seeing how others are coming along
  5. Week Five final week wind up short review

(These all link to all my posts so thought I’d throw them in there connecting it all together.)

I also spent a fair amount of time skimming through other fiction blogs. I never found one that I absolutely fell in love with but I did pick up some tips and ideas from other bloggers. I have no way of proving that I did this but I feel it should be noted. One can learn a lot by observing another work, that was where I got the idea to divide my longer posts into shorter readable sections as mentioned earlier. As well as that I should reply back to anyone who takes the time to comment. even if I don’t like what they said sometimes just a 🙂 shows that you read and understand another’s view-point. I know it annoyed me if I commented on a fellow bloggers work and they never responded.

Over time my About Page changed the most. I started with something generic, changed it to something more professional, and eventually changed it to something more personal under the observations of other fellow bloggers. I was always paranoid that they were just some advertisement schemes trying to get me to buy something such as their books, but when they had a personal paragraph I was reassured and felt more connected to the blogger.

I really liked where I ended up with this project. I originally wanted to take what I wrote here and turn it into a novel. These were more or less write ins for me and I plan on continuing the story. I might do it as a blog but I would like to put it down on paper. So the medium I write with is undecided but whether or not I will continue this story is a sure thing. These posts acted like write ins for me and I think by starting over with one character I could write a well fleshed out fantasy fiction young adult novel.


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