For my proposal I originally started with a few goals not knowing how my project would progress. I wanted to write 5-6 post per week. I ended the project with a total of 36 posts only on my fiction blog which generated 101 total comments this far. I also wrote 5 weekly reviews with a total of 41 posts. This means I averaged 8 posts a week during the five-week period. I met and well exceeded that first goal from my proposal.

My second goal was the type and length of the posts. I originally set out to have lengthy fiction posts and to have shorter research and review posts. I noticed that lengthy fiction posts weren’t that popular in the blogging world and the shorter posts generated more traffic. So I came up with a solution, often times I would break one long posts up into three shorter posts such as with these three posts here. 1/3 Ezrick 2/3 Ezrick 3/3 Ezrick. Which gathered in this order, 6, 12, and 8 likes on the posts and together were 1850 words. The research posts were all shorter in length around 600 words as this fiction blogging one was.

I started out with the idea that I wanted to write a collage of stories instead of chronological. Instead I ended up writing chronological but switching to new characters every week and write from their perspective. It is just easier for me to write chronological and that is where the story took me. The collage style I think would have been better to use to draw in new readers, but after ending up with 49 followers I think chronological is fine. The followers know the story and will see my new posts in their reader so they can follow it easily.

My research/review posts seem to generate more feedback. Such as this one on comments and likes.

What went the best was that I surprised myself with self-discipline. I was able to post frequently if not daily on my fiction blog. I wasn’t always able to produce lengthy posts, but the quality and responses I got (through the form of likes) really encouraged me that what I was writing/doing was working. I was able to come up with images that helped illustrate my stories although sometimes it took longer to find a fitting photo then to write the piece. Actually I think it took about the same amount of time to find a picture as it was to write the posts in most cases.

The weekly reviews were helpful for my writing process. I learned something new each time.

  1. Week One getting started and learning about the blogging process
  2. Week Two progression of story learning how to entice followers
  3. Week Three editing the site making it more user-friendly
  4. Week Four the studio tours seeing how others are coming along
  5. Week Five final week wind up short review

(These all link to all my posts so thought I’d throw them in there connecting it all together.)

I also spent a fair amount of time skimming through other fiction blogs. I never found one that I absolutely fell in love with but I did pick up some tips and ideas from other bloggers. I have no way of proving that I did this but I feel it should be noted. One can learn a lot by observing another work, that was where I got the idea to divide my longer posts into shorter readable sections as mentioned earlier. As well as that I should reply back to anyone who takes the time to comment. even if I don’t like what they said sometimes just a 🙂 shows that you read and understand another’s view-point. I know it annoyed me if I commented on a fellow bloggers work and they never responded.

Over time my About Page changed the most. I started with something generic, changed it to something more professional, and eventually changed it to something more personal under the observations of other fellow bloggers. I was always paranoid that they were just some advertisement schemes trying to get me to buy something such as their books, but when they had a personal paragraph I was reassured and felt more connected to the blogger.

I really liked where I ended up with this project. I originally wanted to take what I wrote here and turn it into a novel. These were more or less write ins for me and I plan on continuing the story. I might do it as a blog but I would like to put it down on paper. So the medium I write with is undecided but whether or not I will continue this story is a sure thing. These posts acted like write ins for me and I think by starting over with one character I could write a well fleshed out fantasy fiction young adult novel.


Week 5 Reviewed

I started off the last week with posting about my observations after the studio tours and the reflection can be found here.

I got a few responses which was nice. Mostly discussing flaws of organization on my site and learned something new from my commenters.

Then I had four fiction posts.01.)  She’s Back, 2.)Trapped, 3.)Bottom of the Pit, and 4.)Bottles Up.

I also added another character to my Character Profile page.

I’m hoping I have enough self-discipline now after doing this project that I can continue writing every day.I learned a lot this week and plan on continuing my fiction blog. The story isn’t over yet and I hope to see where it takes me.


Sunday Review #2 on my fiction blog

First post: Ezrick’s Rage 1.1

This week I began writing with a new character. This post was rather long and no one liked it. I think it was repitive somewhat in content, but also since of its length I’m sure it isn’t as easy to read. So in my next fiction posts I decided to write them in shorter lengths.

Second post: Research on Blogs

12 bloggers liked this. After doing this post I viewed others and I wont call them out, mostly because the two I’m thinking of are very confrontational but that’s what I want to talk about. They are active with their comments, and this is something I will research/review in more depth next week. The pattern I’m noticing, is they write a controversal post, then follow it with an apology post, both gaining hundreds of comments.

Third post: 1/3 Ezrick 1.2

5 bloggers like this.

Forth post: 2/3 Ezrick 1.2

11 bloggers like this.

Fifth post: 3/3 Ezrick 1.2

7 bloggers like this.

These three posts are more or less one day combined. I realized that by breaking it up into shorter posts I’m more likely to get readers. I tried to stay around 900 words with the last post being over 1000. I figured if I got people reading the two previous posts if the third is longer they would stick around and read it. I really feel that LENGTH is what determines likes for me right now with the longest ones being less active than the shorter pieces. I also posted the first two of the 3/3 series on the same day shortly after one another so I’m glad that both gained likes although they were so close together. I found it strange that more people liked the second one.

Sixth post: Werewolf Thoughts

5 bloggers like this. I noticed that as I toured WordPress in search of fiction blogs, I was drawn into reading poetry on the topics I picked. So I threw out some poetry, and I’m not a poet so I know the poem wasn’t very good, but I got some likes and a follow out of it.

Seventh post: The Unwanted Pack Member

This post I screwed up on, saving it as a draft instead of publishing it on Saturday like I thought I did. So it has yet to gain a readership. Although it set me up nicely for next weeks line of fiction posts.

I know I wanted to write more research posts, but I’m still drawn into the fiction ones. Hoping this week I am more self disciplined and do the research/review posts more often than not. I want to discuss likes and comments in the next fiction post.

On another note, I allowed scam comments for a while and my post from last week, Nearby Enemies, ended up with 20 or so comments all from I think scammers. I find this odd. I also gained 9 followers since last sunday.

-Sarah D.

Sunday Review! Fiction blogging

This week I started our 5-week class project with fiction blogging.

First I set up a new blog, named it after the title of the fantasy fiction novel I hope to write in full after this project, Hardened Heart. I added an “About” page and a “Character Profile” page as well to help readers understand what the blog is about and then to keep track of characters as I use them throughout the stories.

First Post: Getting Started

Word count: 79

I added a short getting started post and was thrilled a few days later when someone commented on it and complimented me on the idea of having a beginning post for new readers to get aquainted with. I started on this post a few days before the starting date of the project, so I got my first comment a day before the project started and that was some nice encouragement.

Second Post: Laura’s Return 1.1

Word count: 3509

Oops. This post got really long! But I enjoyed writing it and thought it was a good beginning piece that set up the family background and her internal conflicts over the piece. I didn’t know what I wanted to write about originally but once I had a wolf howling in the piece I decided to go towards the werewolf fantasy fiction idea. This post I got an intial comment from a co-worker who loves to read and then from someone whose blog I had commented on, that person came back to my blog and commented on it. I liked that throughout the week this post continued to get traffic and as of right now 7 bloggers like it.

Third Post: At Night 1.2

Word count: 1261

I tried with this post to not jump in time too much but to keep it the night/early morning, after the first post. I also tried to cut the length down although I wanted to make it longer I realize that when I was looking through fiction blogs I skimmed or skipped the lengthy posts and was more pulled into the short or poetic peices. I also had seven likes for this piece but took some time to get there where as the first fiction post seemed to be more easily attracted to.

Fourth Post: # 1 Research: Starting a Fiction Blog + Gathering an Audiance

Word count: 580

In this blog I linked to a few others and over all talked about the elements of blogs in correlation to fiction blogging and how to use them to gather an inerest in hopes of keeping an audiance following along with you. I was suprised when bloggers liked this post right away and two tweeted about it. I thought it was a rather boring post since I find more excitement in writing the fiction posts however if bloggers like the thoughtful process of research then perhaps they have more value than I gave them credit for.

Fifth Post: Family Business 1.3

Word count: 2332

I loved the image in this post so much I made it the banner of my blog…for the time being. I got six likes for this post, it was rather lengthy, but I thought that the interesting images would pull readers in. The time frame from the last fiction post jumps forward a few weeks.

Sixth Post: Nearby Enemies 1.4

Word count: 1329

This post only gathered 3 likes so far but as I am beginning to notice most people come to the blog, go back to the first post, like it, like the rest of the posts, or only like the post that they come to. I follow the likes on the page to see who the readers are. This post is shorter than the last hoping that by playing with the length would be evidence of whether longer or shorter posts make the difference.

Seventh Post: Kidnapped 1.5

Word count: 1648

As I was touring other fiction blogs a general theme I found was disturbing and bloody content, so I tried writing one with more of that in those areas. I got 6 likes on it right away since it’s only been out for a full day as of now.



I’ve been bolding random sentences throughout the posts to help readers skim through if they dont want to read all the junk, I dont know if its working or not, but I figured it was worth a try. I haven’t seen other blogs like this yet so I haven’t been able to read through anothers posts to determine if the bolding is benefitial or harmful for readers.


I only did one research post. Mostly this is because I wasn’t sure in what direction to go with the posts yet I wanted to spend more time looking around and aggregating material/ideas but I jumped into a topic prematurely but I do have some questions that I want answered so I see more research posts coming in the future. Especially digging deeper into what the Uses of Blogs has to say about fiction blogs, I’m very interested in finding those blogs the author mentions.


I currently have 14 followers, all people I’ve never met before or heard of. It’s been the first week so I’m averaging 2 people everytime I post something. I hope this continues. I feel that success of a blog is partially based on other people liking and following yours, but mostly its for the writer/author to learn and grow from it which I think I’m doing alot of learning with this. It’s intimidating to put material out there in fears of rejection but as long as one person likes what I’m doing then I think its going in the right direction.


I wonder if my lengths are too much. Originally I planned on 1000 words being the most and so far my fiction posts are well over 1000, the first being over three times that limit. I will try to keep in mind the length of the posts and see if that generates any more readers.


After viewing Eric C.’s project proposal I really liked how he set up themes for the weeks as things to post about on his blog. It made me think that I should do something similiar, I decided it might be fun to start each week writing by the perspective of a different character and dedicating that week to their stories. Sounds like fun.

Week Review

We started off with round-up links where we looked at our classmates work and linked to four we found interesting. This made me look at classmates work with a more educated eye instead of one of interest. I guess what I’m saying is that before when looking at each others work I looked at what I could learn from, organize ideas off of, found humor in, and instead looked at work with the question in mind “how does this work well” in order to write a few sentences next to the link I really had to look at the posts in a different light which I learned from.

I made two passes at the Wiki project. One on the neutral point of view, and another on the philosophy of Wikis.

fall hunting volcalmative fishing 321

Climbing the next mountain.

By writing about the neutral point of view first I think I set myself up well in knowing how to write effectively on a Wiki. I gave myself room to practise writing in the way that this genre is called for. I was also able to look at Wikipedia and their policy on writing as neutral as possible. It is a lot different from writing on weblogs when you can give your opinions freely.

I found that while writing notes on the philosophy of Wikis, or limits there of, I would write a statement then go back, delete what I wrote, in order to write a

more neutral statement. I got rid of a few strong words such as strictly and always, in choice of words that are more loose going off of that “apples taste goods” isn’t as good as saying “some people like apples” rule for writing neutrally.

While writing the philosophy of Wiki’s notes I was able to see how the system has its limits. By writing about those issues I am able to foresee problems that might happen and can better guard myself against them. It is good to know what resistance you may encounter in order to do a job right in the first pass.



At first I didn’t see much traffic on the Wiki, but today I noticed alot more contributions from classmates. Interesting to see how others tackled the assignments and did their posts to the Wiki.

All in all, this was an interesting switch. I hope that I did everything right–but like the weblogs, it is a learn as you go experience. I find myself wanting to put images in my Wiki posts like I do with my blog posts. I think I will add that question to the tearoom and see what the response is for future uses.

Week in Review


In class we were first suppose to tour each others artifacts and comment on those we found compelling or interesting, then read the last few chapters of the book. Usually I do two posts on one chapter. The first post is usually my own notes and thoughts on the reading, and the second post usually linked to outside sources and other research I find. This time I decided to write the two posts on two different chapters. I wasn’t able to go deep into either one, but was able to go into two topics and learn a fair amount on each.

My first post was on fiction blogs chapter 18 found here.

My second post on the next step for blogs chapter 22 found here.

Then my digital artifact on the future of blogs is found here.


I feel like I was able to learn a lot more from the reading by posting on two different chapters, however, I feel that my posts weren’t as in-depth writermanas previous posts when I did two on a single chapter. I like being able to explore my thoughts first then find outside resources. By working in that pattern I avoid taking on another’s opinion right away and let it shape my own. I like to write out my thoughts then see what is out there to help broaden my perspective–not to adopt another’s ideas if that makes sense. Nevertheless, I feel like I completed the weeks assignments well and on time. As a whole my work fits into the class by showing how fictional blogs are a use of blogs that can grow in the future through creative and professional uses.

5 Week Review

For the uses of blogs part three we were suppose to read through chapters 11-14 and then respond with at least two posts. My first post is here, and my second post is here.

The first was on what the book had to say about scholarly blogs and then the second was what others had to say on the internet about scholarly blogs. It was most interesting to see how commentary on those blogs furthered a topic and displayed both positive and negatives on scholarly blogs.Tulips

This got me thinking and so I made a Prezi on incorporation of blogs perhaps on D2L or instead of. As I furthered the topic of scholarly blogs in schools I kept coming across the theme that by introducing and using new technologies students will remain on top of the educational sphere. That is what led me into interviewing a 7th grader on the topic of technology in the classroom.

Looking back I might have gone in a different direction than perhaps was suggested in class that we focus on the uses of blogs and I went into a school related topic. I feel like I learned a lot and already seeing changes in technology than when I was there over eight years ago. If I could do this differently, I would also interview a student who went to the highschool to see if they were more advanced.