Week 3 Project Review on Fiction Blog

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  2. Fiction Post 2: Venom…….4 likes 1 comment (marked as spam)
  3. Author Notes: Thoughts…….3 likes 2 comments (Not spam!)
  4. Fiction Post 3: Depression…….1 like 0 comments
  5. Research/Review/Thoughts: No Comments + Few Likes 3 likes 6 comments!….so far.
  6. Side Bar Widget Changes: Blog Home Page
  7. helpful Comment: About Page…..2 comments
  8. New Character: Character Profile

(Links 1,2, 4) As I began this week I used Dianne as the narrator. I didn’t like writing with this character because she turned out being depressed. I know as a writing I can make my characters do anything I want but it just seemed fitting to have her be in extreme internal conflict due to the pressure put on her by her family standing.

I have quit bolding random lines throughout the posts since I’m not sure if it makes much of a difference or not. I didn’t get as many likes this week but that could be because of a few reasons such as the content’s conflicts were more internal than external which isn’t always exciting to read, and there weren’t as many fiction posts to draw in new readers every day since I spent more time making changes to the blog.

(Link 7) I read an article, I can’t find it now, but it basically gave advice on how to make a blog more ‘follower’ friendly. One was to have an about page that was more geared to personal over generalized professional. So I got rid of my resume’ style about paragraph and added a more personal paragraph with a obscurred image of myself to show that I am a real person.

(Link 7) I also received a comment from an uncle on my about page suggesting I give more back story for those not as well read in the genre of werewolves and vampires. That is a very good point and I will keep that in mind in weeks to come although I’m not sure how I will tackle that yet, perhaps I will make a separate page titled back story and add in a question and answer page.

(Link 3) I wrote a thoughts post and Morgan replied suggesting I use my own pictures. This means extra time find pictures, editing them, then posting them. I can do this, but since it’s winter here in Bemidji Minnesota, and my story is taking place in the summer, I’m not quite sure how to find pictures and my house isn’t very rich for material, but that is another point I am keeping in mind.

(Link 6) My widgets have changed! I figured out how to add in a hit counter, my community, added a larger recent posts, just about everything on the side bar I changed in order to make it more user-friendly. I really like having my community widgets, I think this will encourage more likes/comments since it shows them right on my page.

(Link 8) I changed up my character profile page. I used to have it based off of Laura being the main character, which I think the story is driven by her, but since each week I switch characters I couldn’t have her as the main character. I also added in Ryker, the vampire, since he has become important to the arc of the story as well.

(Link 5) best for last. As you can see in the post I talked about links and comments and gathered some feedback on the subject. It’s just polite to reply to commenters, if they take the time to say something then reply back.

Ok…I think I covered everything from last week…there’s just so much going on in the world of blogging it’s hard to keep track of it all week to week. See you all again next Sunday Review.
-Sarah D.